DAGO mining

We produce energy from renewable sources to use it for mining and the blockchain.


We produce renewable green energy with photovoltaics and CSP with heat storage, we are operative 24/7.


Green energy, and new asic boards with immersion cooling, make us highly profitable.


We are highly scalable, we can install photovoltaic system and mining farm in every part of the world, the sun shines everywhere.

Why use Green Energy? How do we make Mining more profitable?

To date, 80% of the energy used for extraction is produced by coal-fired power plants (China, Russia …), also the Blockchain works with that energy, pollution deriving from miming is disastrous for the environment and the climate… Mining is very profitable, if done in the right way, using new technologies. Dago Mining can install its highly scalable and low-cost PV power plants worldwide. There are renewable energy resources in every nation, they can be used to reduce harmful emissions of greenhouse gases. Hydroelectric, geothermal and solar plants are possible and at affordable costs.

What makes us highly profitable: Green energy produced by our own power stations and ASIC technology with immersion cooling.



Team members have collaborated for years in the construction and maintenance of power plants for leading companies in the sector. We know what to do and how to create our plants.



We have the possibility to choose among the most efficient components on the market with a high renewal speed at low costs. Immersion cooling and the use of renewable energy combined with accumulators make us independent and highly remunerative.



On the market there are storage systems that allow storing the energy produced in excess by the photovoltaic systems and consume it during the night, or when the plant isn’t producing. They are designed to maximize self-consumption, thus increasing the savings on energy costs.

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Our Team

Dago-mining is a start-up made up of entrepreneurs with a common passion for cryptocurrencies and ecology. Some team members and partners:

Team Member

Valter Marelli

Entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Dago Fin-Tech Corporation has launched several activities over the years and for 11 years has led a team involved in the maintenance and installation of power plants. Passionate about Crypto currencies and technology behind them.

Team Member

Fabrizio Saltori

Founder, entrepreneur in the field of extraction, processing and trade of marble. Founder of e-commerce and network marketing companies, passionate about Crypto currencies and technology behind them.

Team Member

Mary Jo Marelli

Founder, web design expert, website programmer, she collaborates with her team in the launch of the ICO.

Team Member

Patrizia Mereu

Founder, entrepreneur, expert in graphics and video, she has collaborated in the creation of several important network marketing structures, collaborating with video-graphics teams.

Team Member

Raffaella Arcelli

Founder, entrepreneur, expert in human resources management, she collaborates in various projects with Valter.

Team Member

Alessandro Giulianelli

Full Stack entrepreneur,
expert in both hardware and software life-cycle,
data scientist and trader. He joins the team as advisor for ICO.

Team Member

Giorgio D’Amico

CFO, Chartered Accountant and Trust Advisor with extensive experience in Private Clients Advisory Specialties: Wealth Management Estate Planning Private Investment Structuring Cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Team Member

Yogesh Raje

MENAIS director, He has 23 years of management experience and Leadership experience. A talent in the domains of Supply Chain Management and DLT-Blockchain with expertise in various fields. He also holds active experience in the Investment arena. He has also developed solution for investors and commercial development.

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